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Body Butter

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This body butter is great all year round – it aids in keeping your skin soft, moisturized, and provides a beautiful glow. This product is rich in Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, which contain antioxidant properties that can work together to neutralize the effects of free radicals from the environment. Rub this butter between your hands and watch it naturally melt into oil! This body butter can be used more or less depending on how much moisture your skin is asking for. 

Multiple Uses - Give them a try!

You will find that this body butter can provide multiple uses. Below are some suggestions for how to make the best use out of your L'Vitsa Body Butter:


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Cassie A
Soo buttery

The texture of this body butter is so lovely!! I love that it melts into an oil once I rub it in - I'm finding that this butter really absorbs nicely into my skin. It leaves my body shiny and nice and smooth. This butter has a nice natural nutty scent but I will be trying out the customizable version next!!